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 Dear Oakland Yellowjackets,

With the easing of some of the state and local restrictions, OYJ decided to begin our Saturday’s group ride on, April 17th to Point Pinole.  We will not have our typical season-opening ride to Bay Farm with a group picnic this year.  OYJ has developed the attached OYJ COVID-19 Group Ride Protocol based on State and local guidelines, as well as, information from other large bike clubs in Northern California.  All riders must understand and agree to comply with this guideline.  For the time being, our group ride will be for members only.  At the start of the ride, we will not be accepting any non-member waiver.

The maximum group size is 20 riders plus one or two ride leaders.  As usual, our rides congregate at the same starting point however, the three different ride groups (i.e., Lights, Humane, & Advance/Advance-Intermediates) must separate themselves from the other groups.  If the group size exceeds 20 riders, the group is to be spilt up with individual ride leaders.  Face coverings are required at the start and regroups and whenever you will be within six feet of another person. Physical separation is required between riders. 

This COVID-19 Protocol is to be revised as conditions and restrictions changes. We will be evaluating whether we can have gatherings, such as, picnics as the season progresses.

However, to be clear: If you ride with the OYJ, even if you have not signed a waiver, you agree to assume complete responsibility for all risks including Covid

For questions about this email, please contact Rich Arita (richarita@gmail.com).

OYJ Group Ride COVID-19 Protocol

Participation in group rides is voluntary, and carries risk.  Other members, and people you may come in contact with during the event, can transmit COVID-19 to you even if they are asymptomatic. You assume the complete responsibility for any exposure to COVID-19 caused by your participation. When you sign a waiver for a group ride, you will agree to release Oakland Yellowjackets from any liability related to communicable illnesses.  All members have agreed to the waiver and any non-member must submit a signed waiver in order to ride with the club.

General Information

  • For the first few weeks of the ride season, only members of the OYJ are permitted to ride with the group.
  • Maximum group size is 20 riders plus one or two leaders  Ride leaders may optionally set a smaller group size.

Rider Responsibilities

  • If you have any potential symptoms of COVID-19, or you have recently been in contact with individuals known or suspected to have COVID-19, you must not attend the ride.
  • Carpooling:  All riders should follow current CDC guidelines, including those dealing with proximity to other people, vaccinated or non-vaccinated.
  • Maintain at least a six-foot physical distance from individuals not part of your household. Increase this separation when moving on the bike. No drafting.
  • You must have an easily accessible face covering with you.
  • Wear your face covering when not riding, including when the group meets before the ride, at regroups, and at the end of the ride. Also wear it (riding or not) whenever it seems like you might come within 6 feet of any another individual, such as multi-use pathways. 
  • Do not share equipment, tools, food, or water with other riders, except members of your household.
  • We recommend that you carry hand sanitizer with you and apply it frequently.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the planned route, print your own map or cue sheet. Printed materials will not be handed out by the ride leader.
  • Abide by other rules that may be in effect in the county in which you are riding.
  • After the ride, if you have concerns about safety and the procedures that were followed, contact the Ride Leader Coordinator on the Club website (under CONTACT US).

Upcoming events

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